How To Turn Off Assistive Touch on Your Apple Watch

With Assistive Touch on the Apple Watch, you can use the Crown button even if you’re unable to touch the physical button with your finger.

For example, in case of wrist injury or disability, pushing the digital Crown button could be challenging or unfeasible.

If you decide to discontinue using the Assistive Touch feature, you can easily turn it off on your Apple Watch with just a few steps.

How to Turn Off AssistiveTouch from Apple Watch

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Navigate to Accessibility > AssistiveTouch.

Beware of using the “pinch” or “double pinch” gestures, especially when pushing a stroller, as it can accidentally pause your workout.

This usually happens when you grip the stroller tightly or hold it a certain way while navigating uneven sidewalks. The AssistiveTouch interruptions can mess up your workout routine and disrupt your recordings on fitness apps like Strava.

Turning off Visual Signal from AssistiveTouch

If you want to turn off the Visual Signal feature provided by AssistiveTouch, you can do so from the same screen setting.

  1. Go back to Accessibility > AssistiveTouch.
  2. Hand Gestures > Activation Gestures.
  3. Toggle off Visual Signal.

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