How to Fix iFunbox Connection Failed Using AFC2 (For iOS 8.3 and Higher)

How to Fix iFunbox Connection Failed Using AFC2 (For iOS 8.3 and Higher)

As a passionate iPhone user, iFunbox is something I can’t live without. Although iTunes is still accessible and works without any issues on a jailbroken iPhone, the software itself is too clutter. iTunes has a lot of features and options that I don’t need. Furthermore, iFunbox provides more technical functionalities that I regularly use. That’s why we considered it as one of the best iTunes alternatives.

So what’s the problem?


Things started to change in iOS 8.3 and older firmware. Apple has reportedly modified their security settings. As a result, these firmware (starting from 8.3 and above) won’t give file access to iFunbox, iExplorer, and similar tools.

You might have already noticed this by looking at the following error in iFunbox:

Connection Failed

App Sandbox access is restricted by Apple to ones with “iTunes File Sharing” enabled since iOS 8.3. Jailbreak is required to open sandbox of this App.

A lot of users were very disappointed to see this. With Apple blocking file managers, it means no more access to apps, file’s directory, and files transfer.

Introducing AFC2

But then I remember nothing is impossible in the jailbreaking world. So I jailbroke my iOS device and installed a “life-saver” tweak. It’s called Apple File Conduit “2” or commonly known as AFC2.

AFC2 is an additional AFC service, configured to allow access to the whole filesystem.

AFC2 will give file manager such as iFunbox access to your iOS file system through USB. For example, installing a .deb package you downloaded from Cydia Updates.

How to Install AFC2 on iOS 8.3  – iOS 9.3.3

  1. Launch Cydia
  2. Refresh sources
  3. Tap on the Search option and type in AFC2
  4. Install and Respring


After that, iFunbox will remove the error from its screen. You will be able to manage the applications, files, and other stuff on your iPhone or iPad from there. i-Funbox or iExplorer, etc. also give users more flexibility in term of installing in-house applications (for testing purposes), or resolving an issue with a tweak that can’t be uninstalled from Cydia. One of these tools can save your life.

Here is another plus point:

You can also use iFile or Filza; they provide direct file management right on your iOS device.

App install: failed

Another problem that users recently reported seeing in iFunbox is the “app install: failed (-402620415)”. This can be fixed as well with a Cydia tweak called AppSync Unified by developer @angelXwind.

You can learn more about it from this post. As soon as the package is installed, that error code should disappear.

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