3 Best PSP Emulators for iPhone and How to Install Them

3 Best PSP Emulators for iPhone and How to Install Them

Besides Nintendo DS, the PSP (Play Station Portable) also made a huge impact in my life. This led me to share unconditional love for multiple consoles at the same time. With the iPhone and iPad being improved overtimes, portable gaming consoles like the PSP couldn’t survive in such a competitive market.

If you missed playing games on your PSP, there is still a way to get that on your smartphone, specifically iOS devices. With a dedicated PSP emulator like PPSSPP, playing your favorite PSP games on the iPhone is a piece of cake.

If for some reason PPSSPP doesn’t work on your iOS device, you will have two more options to choose from. We will include those extra all-in-one emulators afterward.



Don’t tell me this is your first time hearing such title. PPSSPP isn’t just for iOS; it’s a cross-compatible software that brings the PSP emulator to Windows, Android, and other modern OS.


  • Run on multiple operating systems
  • Provide full HD resolution
  • Touch controls are customizable
  • Transfer savegames from a real PSP to the emulator
  • And many more.


How to Install PPSSPP on iOS 9 and below

  1. Launch Cydia and go to Sources
  2. Add the following repository: http://cydia.ppsspp.org/
  3. Download and Install the official PPSSPP from there.

After that, you should be able to see the app on your home screen.

PPSSPP emulator is now available for iOS 10

Did I surprise you with that? Yeah, I was stoked too. If your device is now running iOS 10 or higher, you can still install this emulator without jailbreaking it.

To get started, visit this page to download the .IPA file. Then, follow this tutorial on how to sideload the .IPA file onto your iPhone or iPad. After that, you should be able to open PPSSPP on your iOS 10 device.

2. RetroArch


Unlike PPSSPP, RetroArch isn’t your average PSP emulator. This application is more complex and will provide multiple emulators for your iPhone or iPad. Recently, the developer put out some changes to the software, it now works much better and has new features as well.

These includes:

  • Real-time rewinding
  • A built-in GUI/OSD system
  • Multi-pass shaders
  • Remote networked sound support


Please note that RetroArch can only be run on jailbroken iOS devices. It will take you awhile to install RetroArch since we can’t find a stable repo that has this package. Therefore, you will have to do it on your own.

  1. On your computer go here
  2. Select the right iOS version and download the .deb
  3. Follow this post on how to install it on your device

Give it a try, if fails, take a look at the alternative below.

3. Happy Chick

Oh, man, who doesn’t love a picture of a happy chicken. Well, this little dude right here will give you an opportunity to get some of the most popular emulators on your iOS, without jailbreak.

Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 22.39.10

Happy Chick is the home to many different emulators such as Nintendo DS, SNES, NES, PSP, N64, and you name it. To get started, read these instructions and it will guide you through the process or click here.

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