How to Install Clash Royale Bot on Jailbroken iPhone or iPad

Here’s a quick recap of the November’s Clash Royale update:

  • King’s Cup
  • New Tornado Card
  • Rumored cards including Electric Wizard, Duplication Spell, and Mega Barbarian
  • Special Events mode
  • And many other minor fixes

But that’s not all we have for you in store. This article is all about helping Clash Royale players get more while doing less. Kind of like the saying “Less is More” but not really.


Gaming bots are something we’re familiar. A computer controls a bot in Clash Royale, and its intended purpose is to help you waste less time on the game. With the new update for Clash Royale Bot tweak, users are now given the following features:

  • Open Free Chest
  • Open Crown Chest
  • Open Chests
  • Unlock Chests

That’s not all, if you pay $2 to unlock the full version, it will also provide:

  • Auto Request Cards
  • Auto Donate Cards
  • Ignore Reward Limit
  • Ignore Battle (Can choose not to battle to keep trophies high)
  • Battle Speed (This is the speed of card deployment during battle)
  • Recorded Attack (Record your own gameplay)
  • Trophy Drop/Lose Battles

How to Install Clash Royale Bot on iOS

Before you get too happy, this tweak requires a jailbroken iPhone or iPad. Be sure you jailbreak your device first.

  1. Launch Cydia
  2. Add the following source:
  3. Install ClashRoyaleBot
  4. Stay in Cydia and add another repo:
  5. Install Autotouch
  6. Open AutoTouch and configure it to your liking

From there, open Clash Royale, and you will see a list of scripts that are suitable for you. Setup the bot and choose the options you wanted to take care of.


This is not a brand new tweak or bot. The author recently updated it so that it works better on the new Clash Royale update. Other known bugs have also been fixed as well.

For further support or to get the Pro version, click here.

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  1. Hi, is it possible that u can make a hacked version of clash royal, like the pokemon go plus hack. I dont have the money to spend it in ‘in-game-purchases’. maybe there is a way to get the gems with a hack. i hope you can help me. i think this would be usefull for more people then just me. Thank you und excuss my english 🙂


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