How to Mute Instagram Followers & Posts on iPhone Using InstaMute

The easiest way to mute someone’s on Instagram is by unfollowing them. You don’t even have to block that person. However, under certain circumstances, we just can’t do that. For example, you friends post a lot of annoying stuff on Instagram, but you can’t unfollow them. This could demolish your friendship.

Although Instagram is one of my favorite apps, it still lacks a lot of features. The Facebook-owned company has been rolling out tons of new features, which include Instagram stories, make commenting more safer, and they even redesigned the entire interface. But nowhere do I see a mute button for the irritating cousins and friends you’re forced to follow.

Lucky for you, I’m here to propose a simple solution. This method works for every iPhone users. You can easily mute anyone on Instagram without blocking or unfollowing them.

The first option requires you to jailbreak your iOS device. If you can’t do that, jump to the second method. Told ya! This works for everyone.


InstaMute is a recently released jailbreak tweak that made it possible for Instagram users to mute anyone they follow from their feed. Just like on Twitter, if you don’t want to see a specific follower’s posts you can mute them without unfollowing that person.

This tweak solves the problem of having to see somebody post every 10 minutes or so and their photos or videos aren’t that interesting.

Just tap “Mute” when you go to their profile.

You can download InstaMute from Cydia’s BigBoss repo and use it to mute someone on Instagram so that their posts including pictures and videos do not appear on your timeline.

If you no longer want to mute a follower, just go to their page and press Unmute.

Rocket for Instagram

Don’t have a jailbroken device? Not a problem at all. You can still mute your Instagram followers using a tweaked version of the official app. In addition to adding a “Mute” button, Rocket for Instagram also allows you to save other people’s photos and stories.

With the InstaRocket app, you can also spoof your profile’s details. Add a verified checkmark to make your page looks more legit. Do keep in mind that when someone visits your profile, they will only see the real status. So this is only useful for screenshots.

Regardless, Rocket for Instagram still does its job at allowing you to mute people on Instagram. You can download and install the app from here.

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