IPA Library: Download Free Hacked Apps for Non-Jailbroken iPhone

This page contains some of the most popular hacked apps (or known as tweaked ++ apps) for non-jailbroken iPhone and iPad. You can download the IPA files below and install it on your iOS device to add additional features to their dedicated official apps.

If your device is not jailbroken, there is no way you can customize and change its interface, let alone applications. However, now that we have Cydia Impactor, it’s much easier than you think.

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Release Notes

IPAsLast Updated
YouTube++July 3, 2017
InstaRocketJuly 6, 2017
Snapchat++July 2, 2017
EveryCordJune 16, 2017
AirShouJune 16, 2017
PokeGo 2July 5, 2017
Delta emulatorMay 17, 2017
Happy ChickMay 8, 2017
iNDSMay 27, 2017
MeSNEmuJune 16, 2017
ProvenanceJuly 3, 2017
Tinder++May 4, 2017

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@Hollr2099 and the appropriate developers.

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