Record iPhone Screen With iRec 2.0 (EveryCord) on iOS 10 (No Jailbreak)

As people updated to newer version of iOS 10, they slowly realize that some of their emulators and third-party apps stopped working. The reason being Apple had enhanced their security and started to revoke a bunch of certificates to prevent users from installing third-party apps.

This also happens to some popular screen recorders such as AirShou and iRec. Luckily, the developer of iRec (iNoJB) just released a new major version for their screen recorder app. It’s now called EveryCord.

Besides the new name change, users can expect to see a more modern interface, multiple options to install the app, and EveryCord should be easier to use.

EveryCord is like the next-gen of what used to be iRec. If you love the previous version, you will enjoy every new feature and design changes that the iNoJB team has made to their EveryCord app. This post will showcase how the screen recorder looks on your iPhone, the exact location where you can download the IPA file, and how you can install it without jailbreaking your device.

Download and Install EveryCord IPA

  1. You can find the latest version of the .IPA file from here
  2. To side load, you will need to use Cydia Impactor
  3. Connect your iOS device to the computer
  4. Drag EveryCord.ipa to Impactor
  5. The tool will ask for your Apple credentials
  6. Enter your iTunes ID and password

Locate the EveryCord app on your iPhone screen. Don’t open it until you have trusted its certificate inside the Settings app (Device Management > Select the app > Trust). If you don’t know how, please follow this tutorial.

Go back to your home screen and tap to open EveryCord.

An Overview

The badge and blue status bar indicate that my iPhone screen is being recorded.
Verify before EveryCord start recording your screen.
I feel welcomed.
The Settings page provide some options for you to configure.

Can I Install EveryCord Without a Computer?

Of course, to help users who don’t have access to a PC, here’s how to:

  1. Open the Safari browser app on your iPhone
  2. Click here to visit the EveryCord page
  3. Tap on the “iOS install” button


A lot of optimizations has been put into EveryCord. Users can expect to see

  • fewer crashes
  • easier settings to use
  • and most importantly, a cleaner UI (User interface) that ease your process of exploring the app

All your recordings will be available inside the “My Recordings” page. From there, you can either delete it or save it to your Camera Roll.

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  1. What happenes when you try pressing iRec but no matter how many times you press it, it won’t come for you to install, is this happening to anyone else? If someone knows how to fix it please e-mail me, I desperatly need it for a YouTube channel

  2. I test iRec on my iPad mini, it worked. But it crashed occasionally on my iPhone, any thoughts on what else I could check to fix this? iOS and OS are both fully updated. I used to capture my iPhone screen with acethinker iphone screen recorder, never had that problem.

  3. Can’t AirPlay 2 Record With. It’s Either Fucked Up Or Just Been Revocked Somehow… Apple always finds ways to take da fun outta these apps… But don’t blame Apple cuz Apple is a AWESOME company

  4. AirPlay doesn’t show up for me, which is the ONE thing it is supposed to do. I haven’t been able to find a video of it working.


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