Jungle Cydia Tweak: Video Downloader for iPhone

Jungle Cydia Tweak: Video Downloader for iPhone

Since my iPhone is jailbroken, I can now download videos from YouTube, customize my Facebook app, or install new a theme for my Springboard — all I have to do is go to Cydia and find a particular tweak for that.

That’s what it means to jailbreak a device…breaking away from Apple restrictions.

All-in-One Video Downloader App for iOS

The only problem here is that most tweaks on Cydia are designed to support or enhance a specific application from the App Store. Hence, if you have a lot of iOS apps, your Cydia is most likely to be filled with tons of packages.

To partially minimize that, developer ioslinks just released a new jailbreak tweak called Jungle Video Downloader that allows you to quickly download any videos from most websites in just one app.

Here is how it works:

  • You go to a web page with a media player
  • Find the download button (or enable automatic download)


How to Save Any Videos on iPhone using Jungle tweak

  1. Open Cydia and install the tweak from the ModMyi repo (by ioslinks)
  2. Install and go back to your home screen
  3. You should see a new app installed on your Springboard
  4. Launch Jungle Video Downloader and enter the web address that contain the video you wish to download
  5. Tap on it to play the video and you’ll be prompted with “Download this video?”

Simply click Yes to save the video or tap No to continue playing your video. Now, switch to the Downloads tab on the bottom menu and you will see a circular progress bar of the video being download.

When done, switch over to Videos, which is the next tab. Tap on the video that you downloaded and then choose three available options on the top of the screen.


  • The play button will let you play the video while offline.
  • Edit button will allow you to remove the video from the app.
  • The last option on the far right-hand corner will allow you to Save the Video (it will go directly to your Camera Roll).

Jungle is a great video downloader tweak because it save you from installing multiple packages onto your iOS device.

Get it now from ModMyi repository for free.

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