OdysseusOTA 2 released Downgrade iOS 9.0.2 to iOS 8.4.1

A few months ago, we published an article about a new iOS downgrade tool called OdysseusOTA which allows users to downgrade their iPhone and iPad back to iOS 6.1.3 and no SHSH blobs needed. The only downside of this downgrade utility is its lack of supportive devices and firmware.

To addressed this limitation issues, the developer has released a newer version called OdysseusOTA 2.0, which add support for:

  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPhone 4s
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3

iOS 6.1.3 isn’t the only firmware that you can downgrade back to; OdysseusOTA 2 also added support for iOS 9.0 – 9.0.2. In other words, if you have upgraded your device to iOS 9 and isn’t happy with what the update has to offer, then now you can downgrade from iOS 9.0.2 to iOS 8.4.1.


If any users are interested in doing so, please take this opportunity because this method requires a jailbroken device as well as SHSH files.

To my surprise, Apple still hasn’t closed the signing windows for iOS 8.4.1 yet and so this is a great chance for anyone looking for a new downgrade tool for iOS.

This works because apple still signs 8.4.1 OTAblobs for these devices and we have keys for them. This method does not work on any other iOS version.

A jailbreak is required for downgrading.

Although there isn’t anything good on iOS 8.4.1 even a jailbreak isn’t available yet, someone has already released the source code on Github, though. The stability of this firmware might be the key point to some users, and they may take this route if a stable device is preferred rather than new broken update (kind of) and Cydia (optional).

Unlike TinyUmbrella, OdysseusOTA 2 or its previous version is not a one-click downgrade tool. Instead, it’s a command line software and will be difficult for beginners to follow.

Tihmstar, the developer of OdysseusOTA also published a video on YouTube showing users how to use his tool. We recommend that you take a good look at it, at least once.


odysseusOTA2-v1.0.1.zip SHA1: f20bfa356b244a76fbbc7ba69950c453e1a1c1a4
(adding bundle for iPhone5,4)

odysseusOTA2-v1.0.zip SHA1: d15df971ec533bc91a31e392aff5e2b0c5c78733

odysseusOTA 2 now supports Mac OS X El Capitan

Besides limited in compatible devices, this tool also doesn’t support Mac.

But not anymore. odysseusOTA now works on Mac OS X El Capitan because @pimskeks just updated libirecovery. You can grab the current newest version of odysseusOTA 2 here (v1.0.4). Watch the video above if you need help getting started.

This update was possible because the OTA blobs are still available for these iPhone and iPad, the developer of odysseusOTA 2, was able to obtain their keys and makes it possible to downgrade back to iOS 8.1.4.

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    • what device? if its still on 9.3.5 (iphone 4s, ipod 5, ipad 2) you can jailbreak, ipad 2 and 4s can downgrade to ios6.1.3 ota and all of them can dual boot or downgrade to 8.4.1. iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak is at phoenixpwn.com (haven’t used, my 4s is shipping)

  1. Hello,

    The link to download odysseusOTA2-v1.0.1.zip does not work. Can I trouble you to re-upload? Can you also confirm it has the “Down_iPhone5,4_8.4.1_12H321.bundle” file?



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