How To Fix CallHistoryPluginHelper Keychain Request in macOS

Are you getting the annoying keychain request popup for CallHistoryPluginHelper on your Mac? This keychain message regularly pops up when you turn on and log into your computer or during a Facetime call. It should say something like “CallHistoryPluginHelper wants to use the “login” keychain. Please enter the keychain password.” Before you panic, CallHistoryPluginHelper is … Read more

How to Fix “corespotlightd” High CPU Usage in macOS

If you’re a Mac user, you may have encountered an issue where the corespotlightd process is causing extremely high CPU usage, often reaching 99.9% or more. This can be frustrating, as your Mac computer can slow down and become unresponsive. The corespotlightd process is related to Spotlight, a feature that allows you to search for … Read more

How To Fix “AKAuthenticationError error -7005” on Your iPhone

AKAuthenticationError error -7005 is a newly discovered error message that appears on the iPhone when trying to reset the device to its factory settings. Your iPhone may display this message when it fails to authenticate or verify the Apple ID and password. Here’s the complete error log: Verification Failed The operation couldn’t be completed. (AKAuthenticationError … Read more

How To Fix CoreServicesUIAgent Stuck on Verifying macOS App

Have you ever encountered the issue of CoreServicesUIAgent not closing after downloading an app? This error is common for Mac users and can be frustrating as it prevents you from accessing your application. CoreServicesUIAgent is an application verification process that occurs when you download apps from outside the Mac App Store. The verification progress appears … Read more

How To Fix Amsengagementd Error Causing iPhone To Crash

Have you ever experienced your iPhone 14 suddenly restarting seemingly non-stop? It’s not just you! Based on a thread from Reddit, one user reported their iPhone crashing every few minutes for no apparent reason. Additionally, the error log shows that the problem is related to “amsengagementd.diskwrites_resource.” After attempting to force restart the iPhone, the issue … Read more

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