How to Make a Second Brawl Stars Account on Your iOS Device

How to Make a Second Brawl Stars Account on Your iOS Device

Unlike Clash Royale or Clash of Clans, I see no reason why you have to create a new account for Brawl Stars. I mean, the game is new, yes, and people make mistakes when starting out but there are no elements in the game that require a new start.

This is a recently released game from Supercell, and its concept is entirely different from the other two Clash releases. If you haven’t noticed, you don’t have to create any strategic base like Clash of Clans.

Of course, that’s not the only reason. I’ve seen some valid points from beginners as well. Some people got bored of having too many brawlers and wanted to start over. Others want to get better luck with opening their brawl boxes. That being said, here’s how you can make a new Game Center ID and play 2 or more Brawl Stars accounts on the same device.

This tutorial is dedicated to iOS users since the game is only available for iPhone and iPad. Android version should be releasing soon.

How to Create a New Account for Brawl Stars

This tutorial will be divided into multiple sections below they do require some separate steps.

Step 1: Logging out of your current account:

First, open the App Store app on your iPhone and log out of your current Apple ID. Then, open the Settings app, go to Settings > Game Center > Tap on your Apple ID account and select Sign Out.

Sign out of App Store
Sign out of Game Center account

The first two steps ensure that you’re fully logged out of your old Brawl Stars account.

Step 2: Re-installing the game

If you still have Brawl Stars installed on your iOS device, please delete it. Next, open the App Store and create a new Apple ID. Make sure you select Canada as your country since this game is only available on the Canadian’s App Store. (Depending on when you’re reading this tutorial. If it has been awhile, you may want to check the current release status of the game. If it’s already worldwide, just select the country of your choice.)

Once you’re logged into your new Apple ID, search for Brawl Stars and download it.

Step 3: Sign into your Game Center

Open the Settings app > Game Center and login using the new Apple ID you created earlier as your new Game Center account.

Return to your home screen and open Brawl Stars. The game should detect that you’re using a brand new Game Center account. The game data should be reset, and you will be able to start all over again.

Following the method above, you will be able to make a second Brawl Stars account, or better yet, as many as you want. However, you should jog down your passwords since Apple can quickly lock your account(s) if there are too many failed login attempts.

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