How to Play the Real “Super Mario” on Your iPhone & iPad

Are you on the waitlist for Super Mario Run? If you’re not, turn on your iPhone, go to the App Store, and tap on Notify. Once the game is made available for download, you will be notified.

For those who didn’t watch the keynote

A lot have happened today. Apple released iPhone 7 & 7 Plus, Apple Watch Series 2, AirPods (wireless earphones), and most importantly, a Super Mario game was announced.


I suddenly jumped out of my chair and say “Oh shi*, this is happening, I’m so excited.” For years, Nintendo has refused to put their games on the Apple App Store.

Well, they did but only recently. It was Pokemon Go and Miitomo. Following their success, now come a Super Mario game.

What’s Super Mario Run?

As Shigeru Miyamoto (Mario creator) demoed and explained the game, I quickly realized that this game is like Jetpack Joyride, but themed Super Mario. In other words, the game that they announced was an endless runner game.

Your job is to tap on the screen when needed to avoid obstacles, collect coins, and defeat enemies. The constant running part will be Mario’s job. Plus, users can also play this game using only one hand as well.

Really, Nintendo? I put a lot of hope into this, thinking that it will be the original Super Mario game.

Can I Play The Original Super Mario Run on my iPhone?


I’m excited to say that you definitely can!

If you actually missed Super Mario World or Super Mario Advance, there are multiple ways to bring them to your iOS device without jailbreaking. This is not a breaking news; it exists for a long time already. Using an emulator like GBA4iOS, iNDS, or Happy Chick, you can achieve that.

I used to have GBA4iOS (the Game Boy Advance console for iOS) installed. Once you have an emulator up and running, you can download the “real” Super Mario ROMs and play them on your iPhone.

To get started, check out some of these resources:

  1. Nintendo DS emulators for iOS
  2. Delta emulator (Added in May of 2017. This is a multi-emulator for iPhone that requires no jailbreak. It has support for Playstation and other traditional consoles as well)
  3. MeSNEmu (Super Nintendo)

Let me know if the comment section if you need any help.

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