3 Handy Real-Time Pokemon Go Tracking Apps for iPhone

3 Handy Real-Time Pokemon Go Tracking Apps for iPhone

Pokemon Go is probably one of the best, if not, most played game of 2016. It doesn’t matter what mobile platform we’re talking about; this game has taken everyone attention throughout the year. The game may have passed its peak by now, but there are still plenty of people left who enjoy catching Pokemon through augmented reality.

Pokemon Go has decreased in popularity for many different reasons.

  • A lot of users get tired of the gameplay
  • Players get lost most of the time when searching for Pokemon

Those are a few weak points of Pokemon Go. Thousands of fans have complained that the Map feature in Pokemon Go doesn’t do any good. Most of us either end up catching the same creatures from time to time or could hardly ever come across one.

Niantic may not understand your frustration, but we do! That’s why this post is dedicated to helping you find and catch Pokemon that you haven’t seen yet in no time.

1. PokeWhere

There is a new app on the App Store called PokeWhere that provides real-time data for the Pokemon Go app.

PokeWhere is a poke radar that shows you the CURRENT REAL location of Pokemon around you in real-time on a map. It’s that simple! PokeWhere is a live poke radar that will assist your hunting, so you can find all the rarest Pokemon first 🙂

The application will automatically scan locations around you or wherever you are with an insane scanning speed. No registration or account is required so you’re totally safe from any terms or conditions that Pokemon Go might have.

2. Go Radar


It’s about time the developer of PokemonGoAnywhere tweak released another app for Pokemon Go. This one is a little bit different. Unlike the previous release, you don’t need to have a jailbroken device.

Go Radar is a “working live Pokemon Go map” that doesn’t require login or scrape. You can either download it from the App Store or view it right on your web browser.

3. PokeMap

While the two applications above are useful and have become my primary assistant, I’ve always wished for an expanded map with locations of Pokemon right inside the official game. This is when PokeMap becomes your handy man.

Released by developer @Ziph0n, the PokeMap tweak will let you find nearby Pokemon directly in the game without having to download any additional apps from the App Store. PokeMap is now available on Ziph0n’s Cydia source. Before following the instructions below, I need you to get this tweak first so that Pokemon Go doesn’t know you have a jailbroken iPhone.


How to Install PokeMap

  1. Go to Cydia and wait for its sources to reload
  2. Switch to the Manage tab and add http://repo.ziph0n.com/
  3. Look for PokeMap > Install > and Respring

When opening the official Pokemon Go app, you will see a new map button ready to be used. PokeMap provides locations of different Pokemon as well as showing nearby creatures around your area.

Throughout this article, we have provided you three options to enhance your experience as a Pokemon Go player. The Map function is probably the one that needs to be filled with more features. That’s why it’s important to find a handy real-time tracking map that can provide you with the key features to find Pokemon faster.

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