How to Fake Walking in Pokemon Go without Jailbreak (and Location Spoofing)

Besides the fact that Pokemon Go servers are always down, their accessibility options aren’t that great either. I know a lot of people who have trouble walking around for a long time or recently got injured and can’t play their new favorite mobile game.

That’s why I wrote a tutorial on how to walk around in Pokemon Go without actually having to move in real life. Developer williamlcobb originally developed the tweak, and the package is only for jailbroken devices. In other words, if you haven’t jailbreak your iPhone yet or can’t do so, then you basically can’t take advantage of it.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 7.31.21 PM

However, someone from the r/sideloaded was able to put together a sideloaded version of PokemonGoAnywhere tweak. This means you can now walk and move around by tapping on the map in Pokemon Go while sitting on a couch or laying down.

Before I show you how to get it, do know that this tweak is primarily for those with trouble walking around. I recommend Pokemon Go players to go outside and explore instead.

How to Install PokemonGoAnywhere (No Jailbreak)

Since this is a sideloaded of the PokemonGoAnywhere tweak, you will have to know how to install it. Before we start, there are several things you need to have

  • Your iPhone or iPad
  • Pokemon Go installed (obviously)
  • Mac OS X

In case you don’t have a Mac computer or don’t know how to install it via a Virtual Machine, you can get a copy of the iPAStore for only $12 a year. This store will let you sign the PokemonGoAnywhere app.

How to use iPAStore

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 7.16.16 PM

Step 1: Use the link right here to get the service on your iOS device

Step 2: This app allows you to sign the hack for one whole year so there is nothing to be worried about.

Step 3: Download the .ipa for PokemonGo and select the “Open in…” button

Step 4: Choose iPAStore and it will sign the app for you right away.

That’s all. If you don’t feel comfortable paying, follow the tutorial below.

Using iOS App Signer and Xcode

Step 1: Download this free tool called iOS App Signer by DanTheMan827.

*This app will allow you to re(sign) the sideloaded version and bundle it into a useable application for your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2 to Final Step. The reason why I didn’t show everything is that this method requires users have an OS X or install it through VM. You can read the entire guide here. If you’re inexperienced on this, check out the other method below.

Using Appdb

The thing with sideloaded app is that you will have to resign them with each device. It makes it harder to install a .ipa on non-jailbroken iPhone or iPad then if you’re jailbroken. But we found a method that works in this case with PokemonGoAnywhere.


Appdb is where you can get the .ipa file. However, it’s not FREE. I’m not an affiliate or selling this, just showing you a working method.

  1. On your iPhone, go to
  2. Purchase Appdb Pro from their site
  3. Under Cydia apps, click on Pokemon Go
  4. Click the green install button, then cancel to view the status
  5. Wait 2 minutes and click Install

This Pokemon Go tweak for Non-Jailbroken will allows you to “Tap and hold to walk anywhere in the map (you need to be faced north).” And also let you patrol an area in a circle to hatch eggs faster without even touching the screen.

(Please try the iPAStore instead above).

And that’s it, guys. Hopefully, Niantic, the developer behind Pokemon Go, will release an update with enhancements to their accessibility features so that we don’t have to use this mod.

Location Spoofing in Pokemon Go using Xcode

The method that we mentioned above will only enable moving by tapping on the map. If you really need to go somewhere farther (teleporting) to another country or something, then location spoofing is what you’re looking for.

We don’t have a specific tutorial for that yet, but you can watch the video below. Xcode on Mac OS X will be required and if you have Windows, try a virtual machine to install OS X.

Pokemon Go Controller

There is a new tool called Pokemon Go Controller that let you location spoofing in Pokemon Go as well. Instead of tapping on the map to move, you can now you the controller to navigate left, right, up, and down.


Similar to how you used to play the traditional Pokemon (Yellow for example). The only problem is that you have to compile the source code and must have some coding knowledge as well. If you a developer playing this game, give it a try.

EverythingApplePro also posted a video showing how to sideload the app as well. You can check it out below.

Poke Go ++

UnlimApps have also jumped on board with their very own tweak for Pokemon Go. This one can also be sideloaded, and you can find that via Github. The good thing is that it also includes PokemonGoAnywhere, and you can chat with other players nearby as well.

Xposed Pokemon Go for Android

Due to popular demand, the Xposed team has released a hack for Android devices as well. I personally don’t have any experience with rooting or owning an Android myself.

So, here is a quick little excerpt from the Xda-developer forums.


  • Root
  • Xposed Framework and Pokemon Module

Brief How-to:

  1. Enable Xposed Pokemon Module in Xposed Framework then restart your device
  2. Open the Xposed Pokemon application. Just on the map to set a start location
  3. Tap “Start” in the list and a small window with arrows will appear
  4. Open the Pokemon game and wait for it to load
  5. The user will start at the selected location which we selected in the map

The good thing is that you can use arrow keys to move around. For more information, check out this thread. If you need further help, see the video below.

Update #1: If you need Xcode for Windows, check out this alternative.

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  1. ios signer and appcode steps rely on the assumption that you understand how to use those programs….it’s a nightmare of a tutorial for anyone inexperienced, and there’s no pictures. So I guess I need to take a programming class before I can play pokemon??

      • Woah woah woah. Chill. Of course many people are wanting to use it so they can be lazy and stay in bed. But there are many that are stuck in hospitals and cannot leave, people in wheelchairs, people with broken limbs or aren’t able to walk right due to slipped spine disk or a bad hip and etc – please be considerate and even if they are perfectly able to walk, there is no need to curse or be vulgar. Thank you and enjoy your day

      • that’s not really trolling. vulgarity aside, he’s 100% correct that it’s not to PLAY pokemon, but to CHEAT at pokemon. that’s not trolling, it’s pointing out a fallacy. i’d consider you you more trollish than anything for being condescending. you clearly missed the point entirely.

        sad little JUSTJJ, maybe if you learned to read and understand context, you could understand what was going on, and someday even get to know pokemon from your very own home!

        • yea because being able to “walk” from your bed and driving to go sit around a pokestop are TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS.FUCKING CHEATERS!

          you sir, are slow, cheating would for example be just filling ol dexter with a click of a button or infinite balls,lucky eggs…etc or str8 gps location drops, but starting for your at home location and slowly walking to stops is not cheating, def wont get everything the game has to offer(which LEZbehonest. isnt a whole lot…) but for another player who drives to highly populated pokestop areas and games there is more of a advantage than actually walking from your house even if its virtual walking only from bed, think about it head


  2. I keep getting the error “no provisioning profile found”… It tells me “Creating a profile requires having a device registered in the Member Center” I can’t seem to get pat this step… Everything points back to needing to be a developer but Im sure its something easy I’m missing… Please let me know! Thanks!


  4. the steps to get it on android is really tedious, to get it you need xposed, which requires root, xposed installer, xposed framework, a method to go to a custom recovery mode to install the framework, the module, and then the apk.

  5. Hey,

    I feel like there are a few steps missing in the iPASTORE. Where do I get the Pokemon Go .ipa? and are step 3 and 4 done on the iOS device(iPhone in my case) or a windows PC? Ive only bought iPASTORE a few minutes ago, it’s not delivered yet, but I’m trying to prepare myself 🙂

    • Everything after you get the .iPA will be done via your iPhone. As for the .ipa, you will need to find it online (hint: r/ipahub) because we can’t link to due to piracy.

  6. Hello! I download .ipa from ipastore. But tapping on a screen does not work. sometimes hero moves, sometime no. Maybe i do something wrong?

    • Hello there, weird. Maybe something is wrong with the servers. Might want to try again in a bit or restart your phone.

  7. I’m so confused on how to get this onto a non jailbroken iphone .. I’ve purchased ipastore and waiting on the voucher but where do i get the ipastore app ? Also i looked at ipahub and saw pokemonanywhere.ipa is removed ? im so lost teeayeand i’ll paypal 20$ if u walk me through this lol

    • Hello there,

      Get the ipastore on your iPhone by going to their site (it takes one day for an account setup). Then find a .ipa with pokemongoanywhere pre-installed and sign it with ipastore. Done 🙂

      • Hello TEEAYEAND,

        sorry noobie question here,
        I purchased ipastore just like the guy above, but I have no idea how to get the .ipa with pokemongoanywhere, and how do I download it on my Iphone? most of the ones I’ve seen are for jailbreak (my iphone is not jailbroken)

        please help… thanks

          • Hello TEEAYEAND,

            I finally installed Ipastore, and the pokemon go++ along with it.
            it does able to walk by tapping. Am i able to go to a specific address directly? like how do I go out of town ? does this app only allow to spoof by walking and not “teleport” to a specific destination?


          • Hello I’m looking on r/ipahub and I found some but when I go to download my iPhone doesn’t download it. Can you help please.

  8. Hey, for Android, a friend showed me an app for spoofing without installing Xposed. Has anyone tried it before? I believe it’s called Flyby Explorer.

  9. Hi! Regarding the app that i downloaded from ienchantify, the virtual joystick just dissapears after I leave the app for like 30 min more or less. Do you have any solution to this? So far im just reinstalling…

    Thanks for your work!

  10. Hello I need help finding an ipa for an iPhone I found IPAs but it does now download can someone point me to the right direction.

  11. I don’t have a jailbreak and it was working great! Only alter the last Pokemon go update. The normal game is still working only this one isn’t. Do you have an update as well??

  12. There are many other solutions available online but this solution was the most effective one as it did not required any kind of jailbreak or installing extra apps. Keep up your good work.

  13. this guide is so vague!!

    i bought ipastore for this, and dont know where to find the ipa fo pokemongoanywhere either,,,,,,

    so vague, no links,

    just advertising to get you buy ipastore,

    dont be fooled!!

  14. It would be amazing to have that Poke Go ++ working on Android…

    Seriously, hope someone could bring the app for us (the Android users).

  15. Hi there, i recently downloaded pokemon anywhere from ipastore and was working fine until this morning i tried to open it and it says update needed to continue and when i pressed ok it leads me to install this app call test flight and i was stucked there, anyone have the same problem?

  16. My son downloaded the tutu app to his iphone6 tonight and immediately lost Internet and data connections. We have deleted the app and reset phone, restored network settings and any other thing I could try from reading online and no luck – cannot maintain a connection and it also will not recognize his yahoo account either???? Can anyone help me??

  17. a part of me really wants to do the hack to get more Pokemon and simply because I love hacking anything I own but I really want to become great at Pokemon trainer and not be called a cheater. In any other game I’m all about hacking but I play with my friends and family so it’s fun to see who is truest better without cheating.

  18. Hi I have installed ipastore and there is this pokemongo ++. I deleted my original app and installed it. Now it is called PGo on my phone. Do I use this app going forward and do I need to reinstall original app from app store( now ver 1.7)?


  19. Pokemon Go is very popular game last year, but its popularity ended so fast. Honestly I root my phone so that I can install apps to cheat the game lol.


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