How to Re-Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 and Fix Crashing Issues After Reboot

Is Cydia on your Jailbroken iPhone crashing everytime you tried to open it? Furthermore, none of your installed tweaks is working correctly right? Well, that’s because you have a semi-untethered jailbreak. Do you know what it means in iOS 9.2 – 9.3.3? Simply put, you will need to run the jailbreak app every time you perform a reboot on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad or when their certificate expire.

For many experienced jailbreakers, this is a straightforward and easy to understand the statement. However, for beginners, they don’t really know when to re-jailbreak their device or identify the different between Respring and Reboot.

In this article, I’ll explain it to you and show you when is the appropriate time to re-jailbreak the iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak.


How to apply changes after installing a package

At the end of each process, there is a Respring button. Tap on it and your iPhone will be restart with the latest changes made by the tweak or theme. You can look at the Respring function as a quick restart. Therefore, it does not require you to re-jailbreak the semi-untethered jailbreak.

Reboot, on the other hand, is another story. When your iPhone or iPad is rebooted, you must run the jailbreak app for all the packages you’ve installed to work properly.

You may see Cydia still on the home screen and tweak’s icon or options remain where they were before. But if you don’t re-jailbreak the device, then none of them will work.

How to Reboot in iOS 9.2 – 9.3.3 Jailbreak

  1. Open the PP Jailbreak app from your Springboard
  2. Tap on Allow notifications when prompted and tap on the circle button in the center
  3. Lock your device and wait for a notification from the app (Ignore the “Storage Almost Full” message)
  4. Swipe right on the notification and your device will Respring


After that, Cydia and all the tweaks you be working as normal again. Although this is not better than an untethered jailbreak, we have to admit that it’s so much faster and easier than a tethered jailbreak.

Now that you know the difference between Reboot and Respring and when to re-jailbreak let’s talk about the possibility of failing to re-jailbreak.

How to know if iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak is working properly

  1. Go to Cydia and reload your sources
  2. Visit the Changes tab or use the Search option
  3. Look for Initialized and Install it

Initialized is a jailbreak tweak that helps users know if their jailbroken iOS device is really “jailbroken.”

For some people, they may think everything has been done correctly, but that’s not the case. As a result, a lot of users found themselves unable to use any installed tweaks or themes and Cydia doesn’t work at all.

When you see this popup after every reboot (as shown above) that means everything has been setup correctly.


Upon installation, there will be options for you to adjust in the Settings page. It’s now available from the BigBoss repo for free. Grab it while you can.

Pangu Loader for iOS 9.3.3

Pangu Loader can be used directly on your jailbroken iPhone or iPad to re-jailbreak your iOS 9.3.3. As you may know, the jailbreak that the Pangu team released a few months ago was a .iPA that anyone can sideload onto their device. That means, it has many drawbacks to it and having to re-jailbreak your device every once in a while is one of them.
qwertyoruiop’s new tool aims to help out with that by providing a one-click solution to rejailbreak iOS 9.3.3.

How to Use Pangu Loader

  1. Launch the Safari app
  2. Go to this website
  3. Click on the Go text in blue
  4. If you see a popup, close it
  5. Lock your device

You will receive a notification saying that the storage of your iOS device is full. Ignore that and don’t do anything. This is when everything will be done automatically. Wait for your device to boot back up. To check if the Pangu Loader has successfully re-jailbreak your iOS 9.3.3, open up Cydia. If the app didn’t crash upon launching and it shows everything else as normal, then Cydia is ready to be used.

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  1. Hi, I downloaded Cydia on my iPhone 6 and I it lost power so I re enabled it and then the database error popped up and I don’t know how to get rid of it. 3 months go past and I’m missing updates and new features so I want to get rid of Cydia as soon as possible but I still don’t know how, I used google and YouTube to try and find out why but none of them showed how to remove it. Then I finally came to your website and you know exactly how to get of it. So I read the tutorial and I gave it a go but I not good at all with computers so I was messing up so can you please send me a video tutorial please so I can’t follow step by step because I need to get rid of Cydia as soon as possible. So if you can email a video tutorial it would be much appreciated. Thanks

  2. I LOVE THIS GUIDE the pangs loader saved me, the app was crashing on launch when my device randomly rebooted And the loader saved my life! THANK YOU!!

  3. Hey, I really need help. This morning after i wake up my phone suddenly back to normal(not jailbreak) I don’t know what happen when I’m sleepin so I tried to remain real it using the link again but it didn’t work, there’s a notif said “a problem occurred to this webpage so it was reloaded” I though well maybe I need to try it again, I do again again and again but it didn’t work please help

    • You may have to reload the page and attempt multiple times. If it still doesn’t work, try re-jailbreaking on a computer.

  4. Hi whenever I click the “this website” link and go to JBME.QWERTYUIOP.COM it says temporarily down. Why is this, she can I retail break my phone?


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