ReProvision App Showing “Invalid neg prot hmac” on iOS 14.3

A question from Paul: I’m having this error message when I try to sign in to ReProvision app “Failure. Invalid neg prot hmac”. I’m jailbroken on the latest jailbreak 14 to 14.3 unc0ver. Can anyone help? Thank you.

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Juan Garcia

No worries, get AltStore on your iPhone and then download AltDaemon from Cydia. It will let you then signs apps without a computer using AltStore app.

You have to install AltStore using a computer. The source for AltDaemon is already installed:

Paul Williams

I’ve got AltStore On my phone but you only can have three apps activated at the same time.

Juan Garcia

Yeah it can only sign three apps just like ReProvision but AltStore lets you sign your unc0ver app and it’s updated where ReProvision is outdated and can’t be used.

Owen Spinks

I have this problem as well. I just found out that the developer of ReProvision left the jailbreak community so it probably won’t be updated.

Jimmy Rustler

Install ReProvisionFix from

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  1. for it to work you must install another version of another repo since you have installed it is not working I don’t know why,

    I recommend you use this “ReProvision Reborn” Repo By Soh Satoh, MattClarke


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