How to Save Instagram Stories on Your iPhone (No Jailbreak)

How to Save Instagram Stories on Your iPhone (No Jailbreak)

Just like Snapchat Stories, Instagram Stories are fun and exciting to watch. However, there is no way you can save your favorite videos or pictures for offline viewing. I mean you can always use the screenshot function, but that will trigger a notification and let the other person knows about it. Sometimes, this isn’t convenient at all and could lead to the person you’re following hiding their stories from you.

Last time, I thought LongStories is the only Cydia tweak for Instagram Stories. It turned out that there is another one called InstaBetter. Unlike any other tweaks of its kind, InstaBetter is more comprehensive and will give you tons of features to improve the official Instagram app.


Let’s first take a look at what it can do.

  • Zoom in images
  • Fake your follower’s counts and verified status
  • Avoid getting caught when stalking on someone (confirms likes when double tap on a picture)
  • Hide Sponsored Ads
  • Download high-resolution photos and videos
  • Location Spoofing for media
  • And much more

We also included this tweak in one of our compilation article; you can check it out here.


And now come the most interesting part. A new update to InstaBetter was released several days ago. The tweak now includes several news features related to Instagram Stories (a new Snapchat-like feature).

How to Save Instagram Stories to iOS devices

According to the developer’s changelog, he has added the ability to save and share the Instagram Stories of people who you follow. Further, you have full control of when others would know you’ve viewed their stories.

Add toggle for marking stories as seen, add button to manually mark story as seen

Last but not least, you can now upload any photos or videos to Instagram Stories even if they’re older than 24 hours. In case you missed it, by default, this feature will only allow media files that were taken within a day to be uploaded.


But now, with this tweak, you can start doing #fbf 😀 (Flashback Friday, is a popularly used hashtag on Instagram.)

Other noticeable changes include:

  • Fix stories not having sound
  • Add toggle to hide navbar stories button
  • Hide “Suggested Followers” in main feed when advertisements are hidden
  • Fix saving/sharing photos/videos

You can download and install InstaBetter tweak for free from the BigBoss repo.

Saving Other People’s IG Stories Without Jailbreak

Having a non-jailbroken iPhone can be a hassle but don’t worry because there is another method that can ease the process. I recently updated the Instagram tweaks post which includes a new app called Rocket for Instagram.

This package can be sideloaded to your iOS device using Cydia Impactor. Which means no jailbreak is required!

You can follow the instructions from here.

Once ‘Rocket for Instagram’ is installed, you will be able to save any Instagram stories you want. In fact, there are much more features included in this app. For example, muting someone, download a photo or video on your feed, and hide sponsored contents.


InstaStory is a new third-party app from the App Store that allows you to watch anyone’s Instagram stories without them knowing. Also, you can save your friend’s stories or people you follow.

Although I already provided the tutorial on how to do so, even for users that don’t want to jailbreak their iPhone. I think InstaStory still has its advantage because: 1) you don’t have to install Rocket for Instagram through your computer 2) the app is available directly on the App Store. Thus, you can download it within a few taps.

You are not required to login into InstaStory using your Instagram account. That being said, all your activities are unknown to others. Do keep in mind that you should use this app with caution as it can involve copyright issues if you decided to share any of the photos/videos outside of Instagram.

You can download InstaStory for free from here.

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