How to Screenshot a Portion of iPhone or iPad Screen

Everyone is familiar with the traditional built-in screenshot feature on their iPhone and iPad. It’s relatively easy to do so, using your Home + Power buttons at the same time, you can quickly capture a screenshot of your current iOS screen.

But what about screenshoting only just a portion of the screen of your iPhone or iPad? Unlike Windows or Mac, there is no Snipping Tool that you can use on your iOS device. Therefore, no options to screenshot a selected area. However, once you captured the screenshot as a whole image, go straight to the Camera Roll and crop out the area that you wish not to be included.


This doesn’t sound super complicated isn’t it? But there is a faster way to screenshot only part of your iPhone and iPad screen.

For jailbroken users, you may have heard of Snapper and CroppingScreen tweaks before. Both of these Cydia packages makes the process of taking a particular area of your iPhone’s screen easier by allowing you to choose which part to capture. As a result, skipping the whole photo editing at the end.

Snapper 2


Recently, the developer behind Snapper just released the second version of his original work with better support for firmware like iOS 9 and added more features.

Additional Features:

  • Control the area to crop before snapping!
  • Use it with Activator, or without!
  • No DRM!
  • Automatically copy snap to clipboard (optional)
  • Sharing built-in
  • Never lose a snap, the history panel (access via Activator OR the Settings app)
  • and more…


In a nutshell, instead of taking a full screenshot, you choose the portion you want and then capture it. Furthermore, once the image has been taken, users can decide to save it directly to their Camera Roll or keep it display on the screen.

The second option might be helpful for some of you guys in case you need to copy a paragraph or an important context without needing to switch between applications.


When accessing the settings of Snapper 2, you will find tons of options to choose from. These include enabling shadows so that the snaps are more visible on the screen and activation features for faster movements.

Snapper 2 is an advanced Screenshot tweak for your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. I would definitely recommend you to check it out on Cydia’s BigBoss ($1.49) repo if screenshotting is one of the many things you do on a daily basis.

Keep in mind that full support for iPad is coming soon.

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  1. Hi. Loved this article and snapper2 sounds just like what I’m looking for. Um, how do I get it? It isn’t in App Store that I find, I don’t see other related links this site. I am confused. I would want it for my iPad and iPhone.

    • Hey there, in order to get Snapper 2, you would need to jailbreak your iOS device. What firmware is your device running on?

      • Hi, that was impression I was getting but this sounds over my head. I’m not ready for jail breaking, I’m in off-the-shelf iPhone7 mode. Too bad there isn’t an app with Snapper2 features. Screenshots are nice but require some cropping& steps before just copying images into a doc as I want. Thank you though…

  2. Thank you. I did not know that pressing the Home and Power buttons at the same time allows me to take a copy of the iPad screen. Why did you think everyone knew that?


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