My Pokemon Go Account Got Soft Banned! Here’s How to Unban Yourself

My Pokemon Go Account Got Soft Banned! Here’s How to Unban Yourself

If you follow some of my Pokemon Go posts on here, you must know that a lot of the tutorials will get you banned, sooner or later. However, it depends on the method that you use to cheat in the game. Last night, I wrote a quick guide on how to avoid account banning. Be sure to check it out.

Now, as I mentioned in one of the articles, I did a case study to see how long can I go with location spoofing without getting caught. There are two ways you can trick the GPS by the way. One is where you go across the state or even the country and the second one is where you tap on the map to move.

Since Pokemon Go is a GPS-based game, the system will automatically flag your account if you jump from one location to another (far away). This apparently got my account banned within two days. The other device which uses the second method still works just fine as I’m writing this.

A little throwback 🙂

So, if you recently get banned from Pokemon Go and don’t know what to do, I’ll show you how to unban yourself.

How to Get your Pokemon Go Banned Account Back (Soft Ban)

What I did was quite simple and straightforward.

Step 1: Logout of your original account and then make a new one

Step 2: Logout of your new account and delete Pokemon Go

Step 3: Wait a few hours and reinstall the game from the App Store


I don’t know why or how this resolve the issue but it did. I checked online and several people have also expereinced the same problem and their solutions are different too. If my method didn’t work for you, see below.

  1. Follow the instructions above but exclude the delete and reinstall app
  2. Create a new account, find a Pokemon and catch it then log back into your old one
  3. Patiently wait 3 hours and play again

And that’s a wrap. Do remember that location spoofing is a MUST NOT in Pokemon Go. But if you’re smart enough to use the cheat right, everything should work out perfectly fine. Don’t fly from the U.S to Europe or something.

QuickSpin – Pokemon Go Unbanner

There is a new utility called QuickSpin that allows users to unban themselves in Pokemon Go.

Instead of using the methods above, you can just run this tool, fill in the questions it asks, and the location you want to be in after the softban is gone.

Currently, QuickSpin is a Window-based hack, and you can download it from here. If you’re on Mac OS X, use a virtual machine.

Permanent Ban

Oh sh**!

I hope you didn’t get ban permanently on Pokemon Go. But don’t worry. There is a way out.


You can now submit an appeal to Niantic to unban your account. Under one condition, if it was a permanent ban. Further, a request doesn’t guarantee you a spot back into the game. But it’s worth a try.

Players who got soft banned can use one of the methods above to get their account out of trouble.

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