unc0ver Jailbreak “An error occurred while configuring a package with dpkg”

A question from Abdurahman: I am trying to jailbreak with AltStore app, but I face a problem with the unc0ver when it reaches 27/30…

Info: I jailbroke since one year ago, and I deleted unc0ver, but Cydia still exists, and when I need to open it, I get this message, what is the solution?

iPhone 6 / iOS 12.2

An error occurred while configuring a package with dpkg.

Community Answers

Fernando Figueroa

Tap the Settings button in unc0ver and turn on “restore rootFS” and it will delete the jailbreak and then rejailbreak again.

Jacob Palleschi

I had unc0ver 6.0 for a total of 6 hours before I restored rootfs. Yes it’s buggy as hell yes it feels rushed but we gotta be thankful that we are finally getting places on iOS 14 anything is better than nothing I just can’t wait until everything is stable and exploits work

Eron Sejdiu

Yes it’s fully of bugs, my XS Max reboots automatically, black screen Apple logo happens every 2-3 hours, i don’t know why.

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