Updated to watchOS 7.4 Beta and it’s showing “iPhone Out of Date”

A question from Chamila: I have updated to iOS 14.5 beta version in my iPhone XS Max and to watchOS beta 7.4 to my Apple Watch Series 6. It was working well. Later I bought iPhone 12 Pro Max with iOS 14.4. I unpaired my Apple Watch from XS Max and tried to pair it to 12 Pro Max. But it (Apple Watch) says my iOS version is old and cannot be paired.

What should I do?

Is there any way to pair my Apple Watch to iOS 14.4 without updating it to the iOS 14.5 beta version?

What to do if you see the “iPhone out of Date” error when pairing with Apple Watch

Update your Pro Max to the latest beta 👍 as it needs iOS 14.5 and you can’t downgrade your watch from 7.4.

Unfortunately there is no way to downgrade from a beta on your Apple Watch.

So you can either wait for the next public iOS release, which I would probably advise due to your lack of Apple knowledge. But that does kind of leave your watch useless for the time being.

Or, and I’m not advising this unless you’re willing to do some homework and understand the risks involved, but you could run the latest iOS beta on your mobile.

Ashley Meredith

To pair it without updating to iOS 14.5 beta, the only way is go to Genius Bar and ask them to downgrade the watchOS for you. But the more simple way is update the iOS.

Yip Hin

People will never learn. Do not use a beta unless you know what you’re doing. Apple will not help you. It goes against the terms of service.

James Allan

You cannot remove beta from the watch. (Maybe Apple can). I’d keep using your old phone until the valid update is released. Or put the beta on the new phone. (Since you wanted facemask feature).

Peter Gilchrist

You updated your watch to and WatchOS that is higher than your new iPhones iOS. Either update your iPhone to the Beta or wait about 3 weeks for when the official iOS and WatchOS are released.

Joseph Cox

Moral of the lesson, don’t use betas if you want full stability,

Connor Caunt

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