What is sshd-keygen-wrapper in macOS? Is It Malware?

If you find sshd-keygen-wrapper under your macOS Privacy settings, do not panic.

For some users, if they go to their macOS settings > Privacy > Full Disk Access, there is an option called sshd-keygen-wrapper.

A quick search will suggest that this option is used for remote logins.

So should this feature be a concern?

No. Do not worry, sshd-keygen-wrapper is not a malware.

Sshd-keygen-wrapper is a utility that comes with the SSH server on macOS. It is used to generate host keys for the SSH server.

What is sshd-keygen-wrapper?

In macOS, sshd-keygen-wrapper is activated when you connect your Mac remotely. This feature is part of your macOS. It is used to generate SSH shell key.

If ssh remote access (from System Preferences) is enabled on your macOS, this feature will likely go along with it.

To wrap it all up, for anyone who wants to connect to your Mac via ssh, a secured SSH shell key generator is required. And that is the intent of the sshd-keygen-wrapper tool.

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