How to Fix WhatsApp Not Working on Apple Watch

Let’s be clear about one thing: WhatsApp doesn’t have an official app for the Apple Watch. Just because WhatsApp is running on your iPhone does not mean you can start messaging your WhatsApp contacts from the watch.

You will need to jump through a few hoops to send and receive WhatsApp messages on your Apple Watch.

Solution #1: Reply to incoming WhatsApp messages

With this method, you can at least respond to any incoming WhatsApp messages that you receive right on your Apple Watch.

  1. Make sure that you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed
  2. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Notifications > WhatsApp Messenger
  3. Enable Allow Notifications and Show in Notification Center
  4. Badge App Icon and Sounds are optional
  5. Go back to your home screen and open the Watch app
  6. Navigate to My Watch > Notifications
  7. Scroll down through the list of apps until you find WhatsApp
  8. Toggle on the button next to it

I understand that this method doesn’t come close to a fully supported WhatsApp app on the Apple Watch. However, being able to reply to incoming WhatsApp texts is better than nothing.

Solution #2: Chatify for WhatsApp

Chatify for WhatsApp is not an official WhatsApp application. It is a third party app, so you need to be cautious when using it.

It requires iOS 9.3 and watchOS 3.0 or later.

To set up Chatify:

  1. Make sure your Apple Watch is paired with your iPhone, and it is updated to the latest version
  2. Log in to WhatsApp on your iPhone
  3. Download Chatify on your iPhone
  4. Open the app on your Apple Watch once it is downloaded
  5. You will then receive a QR code that you will need to scan to use WhatsApp
  6. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone and go to Settings > WhatsApp Web/Desktop > Scan QR Code
  7. Once the code is scanned, WhatsApp will appear on your Apple Watch, and you can start sending replies straight from your watch

Solution #3: WatchChat 2

WatchChat was one of the first apps that allowed you to send and receive WhatsApp messages on your Apple Watch.

WatchChat 2 gives you access to all of your WhatsApp chats, including group chats. You can reply to messages, send voice messages, use different keyboard layouts, view pictures and use the zoom feature, listen to voice messages, customize quick replies and chat font size, and even start a new chat directly from your Apple Watch.

To get started with WatchChat:

  1. Open the app on your Apple Watch
  2. Open WhatsApp
  3. Go to Settings in WhatsApp > WhatsApp Web/Desktop > Scan QR code
  4. Scan the code, and it will appear on your Apple Watch within 30 seconds

Again, this is a third party app, so you want to proceed with caution. This app requires iOS 10.0 and watchOS 3.0 or later.

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  1. Here’s my theory: Whatsapp does not use any carrier services (excluding mobile data) or Email IDs, but it requires us to register our phone numbers to use it, later we can send WhatsApp messages to people using their phone numbers only.

    Unfortunately, the current Apple Watches don’t have any sim card support so there is no easy way to use WhatsApp on Apple watch.

  2. Try Viber messenger, that works perferct on your Apple Watch, it also displays pictures.
    I do not understand why Viber can do this while Whatsapp cannot.

  3. So I’ve used this watch app and unfortunately it only allows me to write back only at the moment the sender sends a text. But if I were to go to the app directly from that watch, I click the persons name and it just says loading conversation and nothing happens after that. Another thing is I can’t answrr what’s app calls from my Apple Watch. Is this a bug? Will it be fixed? If so when? Thank you

    • I’ll look into this. In the meantime, you can send WhatsApp support team an email regarding this problem and check the App Store regularly for new updates.

  4. I’m still struggling to get this to work. I can see a message on my Apple Watch saying “whatsapp message received from x” but I can’t actually see or reply to the message.
    Can anyone help?

  5. I’ve just got the Apple Watch series 3 cellular, I’ve set up notifications to receive whatsapp which I do but don’t get an option to reply only dismiss? (iPhone 6s up to date software)

  6. Hi, how can I see the messages from WhatsApp on my watch 5? I only get the notice but can’t open and read the message from the watch. Maybe should ad that I’m a Swedish user and that apple support can’t help. Older watches don’t seem to have this problem with WhatsApp.

    • WhatsApp doesn’t work directly on Apple Watch so a 3rd party app is needed….I use Chatify but there’s a few to choose from that all work well.

  7. Can someone help me please.. just brought my Apple Watch series 6. I love it but the one thing I can’t suss out and it’s annoying me, I can’t get WhatsApp calls and video notifications to buzz on my watch, and I keep missing calls… is there a way around this? Thanks in advance.

    • Hello all, having issues of Whatsapp notifications not working on series 3 after the update to watch OS 6.. tried everything ( reset, switch off and on, unpairing and pairing back, troubleshooting the notifications on app and phone) nothing is working out. Is anyone facing the same issue or anyone knows what might be the issue. Thanks in advance.

  8. Hi. On my Apple Watch SE I receive WhatsApp messages notification, but not the incoming WhatsApp calls. Same with Viber. Can you help me on this?

  9. How do I receive calls from Whatsapp on series6 Apple watch. However I see red( notification dot) when I missed call. But incoming call doesn’t show on watch face. Any third app that can fix this issue?

    • WhatsApp is not available for Apple Watch. There is however an app you can pay for to respond to text on what’s app but no calls unfortunately.

  10. Hi Guys, Need some help again please, I’ve down loaded watch chat too my iPhone 8 and my Apple Watch 5 and it’s all linked up too WhatsApp, I’m receiving messages too my phone and watch, when the message comes through on my watch it doesn’t ding to let me know I have a message. I’ve tried to YouTube the problem and have now come across another problem, I don’t have the watch chat in my notifications. When I go into settings on my phone and click notifications and look at all my apps I’ve downloaded watch chat isn’t there nor is it in notifications in the watch app on my phone. Hope you all understand what I mean and hopefully someone can help me?


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