When Is the Best Time To Charge Your Apple Watch for Maximum Usage?

When do most people charge their Apple Watch? I charge mine while I sleep. The drawback to this is I can’t track my sleep with the Apple Watch. Currently, I found a way to track without it, I pulled out a really old Withings Pulse and use it strictly for sleep. But I feel like I should be using the Apple Watch instead of a third party to track sleep.


Charge your Apple Watch before going to bed?

I’ve charged all three of my Apple watches whilst I sleep (0, 3 and 4). I know if I sleep well as I’m not tired in the morning, and vice versaWhat else is there to know I also don’t have my watch tell me when to breathe or when I’ve finished washing my hands. I’ve never worn a watch to bed and never will.

I charge it at night about every three days and only keep on during night occasionally to use AutoSleep. Battery lasts so long. It is 5pm and it is at 91% after charging last night (Apple Watch Series 6).

Should you charge your Apple Watch in the morning?

Yeah I’m like lots of others – I have a charger in the kitchen and put it on there while I make breakfast/coffee and get the kids out the door to school. By the time I’m done it’s fully charged for another 24h.

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