How to Fix Unactivated iPhone Says ‘No SIM Card Installed’

How to Fix Unactivated iPhone Says ‘No SIM Card Installed’

A lot of people get irritated when they can’t activate or use their iPhone without a sim card. I mean who would be able to bear with the constant popup that says “No SIM Card installed” and “Invalid SIM.”? These warnings or alerts are completely normal, and there is nothing to be worried about. As long as you have a working sim card inserted, then the warnings would automatically disappear.


Some users have reported that they still continue to see the alerts even though their sim card has been put in. If this is the case for some of you, trying out one of the following methods does the fix.

How to Fix iPhone Keeps Saying No Sim Card

  1. Restart you iPhone
  2. Turn on AirPlane Mode and turn it off
  3. Update your iOS to the latest version
  4. Be sure the sim card is activated though your carrier

There are many cases where people might use their unactivated iPhone as a spare iPod touch. Unfortunately, the phone will continue to say that no sim card was installed or detected. There is an easy way to getting rid of this warning forever if you’re not going to use your iPhone as a primary method of communication (phone calling for example).

How to Disable No Sim Card Warning on iPhone

CopySIM is a free jailbreak tweak and it will perform that task for you. The tweak is now available for free from the BigBoss repo. Once installed, CoySIM will give you several options to choose from. One of these will be to disable the “No SIM Card Installed” alerts across your iOS device.

Another useful function is to replace/change the “No SIM” from the status bar to “No Service”.


Additionally, iPhone users can also get a chance to remove their carrier name if they wish to hide it from everyone else. I think this tweak is pretty neat, especially for people who have a non-working iPhone that they use to browse the web, listen to music, play mobile games, and everything else except for the native phone dialing feature.

Again, you can download the CoySIM tweak from Cydia, and it’s compatible with both iOS 8 & 9.

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