What Is “com.google.keystone.xpcservice.plist?” Do I Uninstall It From My Mac?

For those using EtreCheck, you’ve probably seen the mysterious “com.google.keystone.xpcservice.plist” and wondered why it’s installed on your computer. When you run a quick EtreCheck scan, your report may look something like this: User Launch Agents: Furthermore, you can locate each file from the following path: In this blog post, I’ll explain what that file is, … Read more

How To Fix “RP2 Quit Unexpectedly” on macOS

Some macOS users are experiencing a problem where their computer constantly receives the “RP2 Quit Unexpectedly” popup. It gets annoying as this message can suddenly occur on your Mac every few minutes. Two options are available: “Ok” and “Reopen RP2”. It doesn’t matter which option is selected, the RP2 popup will re-appear again. In this … Read more

How To Fix Stickerly Pack Codes Search Not Working on iPhone

If you’re a fan of sending stickers and GIFs in iMessage or WhatsApp, you may have recently encountered difficulties searching for sticker pack codes from Sticker.ly. Many users are reporting that the app’s search results are temporarily unavailable due to some “…objectionable content that has been found to violate the app’s Terms of Use”. This … Read more

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