How to Fix PayPal Crashing Issues on Jailbroken iPhone

How to Fix PayPal Crashing Issues on Jailbroken iPhone

Did PayPal Implement Jailbreak Detection in Their App?

I recently experienced a problem with the PayPal app on my iPhone. Did a little research and found others with the same issue as well. One thing I noticed is that we all have something in common, a jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

I was able to open the PayPal app, but all it display was the logo and stuck there for a good minute or two and then crash. I thought something must have been wrong with my Apple ID since I just changed not long ago. I went ahead and redownloaded the app. Tried to open it several times the next day and the same issue arise.

No official note from PayPal about blocking or prevent jailbroken iOS users from accessing their personal account or even launching the app itself. This problem occurred right after I updated the PayPal app to the latest version (v6.2.0 as of writing this article) from the App Store.

Here is what I did to fix the problem with PayPal crashes on iPhone.

Downgrade the PayPal App

Yup, you heard that right. The good thing is that your iPhone is jailbroken, which means it’s easier than before to downgrade an app from the App Store. Especially, when you have a tweak called App Admin that makes the process much faster. I actually wrote a tutorial on how to do that here. Check it out and follow the same process.

Basically, I went to the App Store, click the little download icon and then choose Downgrade, then I selected version 5.14. This one turned out to be working fairly well for me.


I’m going to continue using the older version of PayPal until I hear an official update from the company about this issue. Hopefully, this tutorial was able to help you resolve the issue on your iPhone or iPad as well.

Using PalFix

It turned out that the newest version of PayPal now looks for an active CydiaSubstrate, if the app detects it, then users will only see the logo upon launching the app.

With that being said, you can avoid this problem by going to no-substrate mode, safe mode, or installing a tweak called PalFix by Limneos (same guy behind Audio Recorder).

If you don’t want to downgrade the PayPal app, add this repository and then install PalFix from there.

The Alternative

If for some reason the tweak above didn’t work, there is a new one called PalBreak that help you solve the same issue. It will disable all security tweaks in the official PayPal app so that you can continue using it.

It injects a library into PayPal before MobileSubstrate can inject and blocks all substrate images and tweaks from being loaded.

Note: Don’t be mad at PayPal for doing this. You’ll be surprised how many others apps out there have jailbreak detection. It’s all for good intentions.

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