Is This Weird? Apple Watch Count Steps When I’m Driving

A question from Lou: Hi, is there a way of preventing adding steps to my watch when I’m driving, I commute 80 Mile round trip a day for work and when I drive it’s adding steps on. I even tried taking it off while I’m driving but it still adds steps in. Anyone else found this? Many thanks xx

Apple Watch Inaccurately Count Steps

Vik Hobs

Can’t help as not had that problem, but I’ve just started charging mine when I’m in the car, that might be an option for you.

Frank Shook

Are you sure it not just a delay in showing your steps before you started driving?

Gene Stalnecker

Are you wearing it on your dominant arm? That generally causes false counts in itself. Driving shouldn’t do that much unless you’re in a truck or something where the steering wheel is semi-horizontal. Make sure you have wrist detection ON, that would at least stop it from counting when it’s off your arm.

Joseph J. Cox

Have you calibrated your watch first before you started using it for measuring your motion?

Rick Lazell asked a question

Somehow got 30 active minutes while driving a lorry, this doesn’t happen when driving a car, any idea why?

The green exercise ring goes off your heart rate. Funny, I drive for a living too and I notice that when I’m stressed out, it counts minutes because my heart rate is elevated. Yet, just driving around in my own car, I’m fine.

Reagan Steyn

Riding a motorbike sends it off the scale although I think some of it is the vibration through your wrists too.

Kelly Lockwood

Air suspension on the lorry seat bounces you up and down, also higher up so thinks you’re standing up.

Becky Ingram

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