Best Cydia Tweaks for Low Power Mode on Your iPhone

Best Cydia Tweaks for Low Power Mode on Your iPhone

When you turn on Low Power Mode on your iPhone or iPad, it will definitely start saving battery power on the device. What this feature does is reduces the amount of power that runs on your iPhone. To do so, it will disable certain functionalities that aren’t necessary to operate an app or the overall system.

The features that Low Power Mode turn off usually are the one that makes your iOS device faster or meant to improve your experience.

There are two ways to activate Low Power Mode, manually or when there is 20 percent left in battery usage. While it’s not hard to enter battery saving mode, we sometimes forget to turn it on. As a result, more and more battery life are being sacrificed.

To solve this problem, I have found two jailbreak tweaks that are designed to enhance the Low Power Mode feature on your iPhone or iPad. Check them out below.

1. Low Power Modder

Low Power Mode is located within the Battery page in your stock Settings app. That’s why hardly anyone know about it or would spend a few seconds to go to such preference page on their iOS device.

Furthermore, unlike Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, Low Power Mode can’t be activated via a toggle from the Control Center. Therefore, less and less people know about this useful feature nowadays.

Low Power Mode is extremely important, and it has proven to extend the battery life of your iPhone. If you don’t want to turn it on manually, there is a new jailbreak tweak that makes activating this functionality easier.

How to Automatically Turn on Low Power Mode

  1. First thing you want to do is go on Cydia
  2. Install a Cydia tweak called Low Power Modder from the BigBoss repo
  3. Respring your iOS device

Now that your iPhone is back on, go to the Settings app. Tap on the preference page of Low Power Modder. From there, you will be able to configure a few things. Tap on the Enable toggle to initiate the tweak. Then, enter a value next to Custom Percentage.

Additionally, you can also tell Low Power Modder to automatically turn off Low Power Mode at a specific rate when the device is being charged.

Ultimately, this tweak doesn’t help you save more battery life. It acts as a tool to help you quickly turn on Low Power Mode when your iPhone or iPad reaches a certain battery life. Give it a try and let us know what you think of it.

2. NoLowPowerAutoLock

When an iOS device is in Low Power Mode, the Auto-Lock setting will be set to 30 seconds. This means if there is no movement (screen doesn’t detect touching) then it will be greyed out and becomes locked.

I don’t think it really contributes to the overall consumption, though. So far, using less apps and play fewer games has helped me save a ton of battery life. Not to mention, Low Power Mode also disabled other functionalities on your iOS device such as Siri, Background App Refresh, Mail Fetch, and more.

I believe turning those off is more helpful than locking my screen every 30 seconds if I don’t touch on it. If this has always been an issue for you, there is a way to fix it.

How to Disable Auto Lock when using Low Power Mode

  1. Go on Cydia
  2. Add the following repository:
  3. Look for a tweak called NoLowPowerAutoLock
  4. Install it

When this jailbreak tweak is enabled, it will prevent Low Power Mode from locking your screen every 30 seconds. You can also set it to a dim screen but not actually lock it.

My iPhone is Still Auto Locking Itself

If the above solution doesn’t work, chances are your device is not in Lower Power Mode. Besides this setting, there is an option in your default Settings app called Auto Lock. It has control over how long your iPhone screen will be locked when there is no touching on the screen.

You might want to go in there and set the time to your liking or even put it as Never. When your iOS device is in Low Power Mode, the battery icon should turn from green to yellow. That’s another way to differentiate between the two.

You should also feel a decrease in performance and network since Low Power Mode tend to disable other settings that make your device perform faster, hence why it’s always running out of battery so fast.

Hopefully, that’s helpful for you.

3. QuickPowerMode

Ever want to quickly turn on Low Power Mode without much hassle? QuickPowerMode is a tweak that you have been looking for.

All you have to do is tap on the battery icon located on your status bar, and it will toggle on or off the Low Power Mode feature. This tweak is compatible with iOS 10 and is available from the BigBoss repo for free. No further setup is needed once you install it from Cydia.

Give it a try and let us know if it saves you time from going to the Settings app and navigates through other options before you can turn on this feature.

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