3 Cydia Tweaks That Brings Guest Mode to Your iPhone

Privacy matters to everyone, and no one wants to showcase their iPhone and its data to an audience. But there are times when we have to share our iOS device with someone. Be it a co-worker or a family member. The only issue with sharing an iPhone or iPad is that all of your sensitive or … Read more

5 Best Instagram Cydia Tweaks for iPhone (No Jailbreak Included)

Instagram is powerful. It’s no longer that basic photo sharing app that you used to use. Now users can do much more such as direct messaging other people, share photos and stories that will disappear after 24 hours (Instagram Stories), enhance their pictures with the in-depth filter tools, and more. While Instagram has been updated … Read more

5 Best Cydia Tweaks for Your Twitter App on iPhone

Twitter used to be fast and simple. Unfortunately not anymore. The past couple of years has shown that Twitter is becoming more bloated with features that most users don’t even care about. Of course, some updates were extremely useful. For example, night mode feature for iOS was a big hit. A lot of users, including myself, … Read more

5 Best WhatsApp Cydia Tweaks & Hacks for iPhone and iPad

WhatsApp without a doubt is one of the best messaging apps on your iPhone and iPad. In my opinion, it’s ranking right behind iMessage. But to some, it might be their first choice. The application is available across different mobile platforms such as the Apple-powered devices, Android phones, and even Windows Phone. As soon as … Read more

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