How to Bypass Jailbreak Detection in Pokémon Go using Xcon or Masterball

If Pokemon Go is crashing on your iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak, chances are you will need to read this post.

CokePokes, the creator of Phantom for Snapchat, just hooked us up with a brand new jailbreak tweak called Masterball. This tweak allows you to bypass the jailbreak detection in the new Pokemon Go app on iPhone and iPad.

It sucks when one of your favorite games or apps just decided to block you from using the app just because you have a jailbroken device right? Well, say no more because Masterball is what you’ve been looking for.

There is also another tweak with the name of tsprotecter8 that reportedly worked as well. But it’s not free; you will have to buy it on Cydia. With Masterball, the tweak is completely free. We’ll show you how to install it in a bit.


Let’s quickly talk about one of my new favorite game, Pokemon Go. I’ve been waiting for its release since forever. Nintendo finally dropped the game on the App Store. I was a little bit disappointed because it’s not like the traditional Pokemon Red or Emerald. Instead, the company took it to another level.

Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise, Pikachu, and many other Pokémon have been discovered on planet Earth!  Now’s your chance to discover and capture the Pokémon all around you—so get your shoes on, step outside, and explore the world. You’ll join one of three teams and battle for the prestige and ownership of Gyms with your Pokémon at your side.

Sounds quite interesting isn’t it? But still, give me the traditional Pokemon game, please!!!

How to Bypass Pokémon GO Jailbreak Check


Obviously, you must have a Jailbroken device in order for the game to crash right on startup. So, here is how to fix that issue.

  1. From your iPhone, go on Cydia
  2. Add the following source:
  3. Using the Search feature, look for Masterball and install it

If it’s not there, reload the sources via the Changes tab because sometimes the server might be down. Once the tweak is installed, you’re ready to go.

According to several people, the Pokemon Go is also down as well. Let me know in the comment section below if it works for you.

Just in case Masterball doesn’t work for you, here are two more tweaks you can install to make Pokemon Go thinks that your device is not jailbroken.

  1. Trial version of tsProtector 8+ from the BigBoss repo
  2. PokePatch from

Poke Go++

This is one of my new favorite tweaks because it makes the game work on Jailbroken device and offers you a way to chat with other players nearby. The tweak is compatible with iOS 7, 8 and 9. You can add this repo: and install Poke Go++ from there.

Good luck!

Xcon for Pokemon Go v1.7 or higher

Most of you might have seen our early report that the new Pokemon Go update with the buddy system now make it even harder for jailbroken iPhone users to play.


More specifically, the game now actively block out devices with jailbroken or rooted status. When opened, Pokemon Go will pause at a loading screen and stay as is until the jailbreak is removed.

A user on r/Jailbreak Reddit recently shared a newer method to bypass the new jailbreak detection. Unlike last time, a new package is introduced. This one is called Xcon and it does the job just fine.

  1. First thing you want to do is delete Pokemon Go
  2. Go to Cydia and add this repo:
  3. Install Xcon for Pokemon Go and reinstall the game

You will now be able to enjoy the game again without removing the jailbreak.

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  1. Tsprotector, PokePatch, PokemonPatch & Masterball have all failed to get me in. They all keep crashing. I have tried them all individually and tried with all installed at once. No good. Sadness.

  2. If your PoGo is crashing on startup, download tsProtector 8+ (Trial Version). It allows you to ‘Blacklist’ apps in order to prevent them from crashing upon startup. You can blacklist one app in the trial version. Once its installed go to settings > tsProtector 8+ > Black List Apps and blacklist PoGo. Reboot phone and you’re done.

  3. Update! After the Pokemon go buddy update I was frustrated just like the rest of the JB family to find my official PoGo game wouldn’t open! It kept crashing.
    After reading this and trying poke, masterball & TS nothing worked.
    Thanks to the new update to this forum Xcon for Pokemon works! Now I’m able to play the original Po Go with my buddy.
    Let’s see how long before Nitanic fucks that up for everyone lol

  4. Thank you so much – I couldn’t play after the latest update (which made me super annoyed) and the Xcon for Pokemon worked perfectly well for me! I can finally play again – YAY!

  5. ive installed xcon and masterball and i dont notice anything different? do they just work in the background because i cant find them anywhere. cydia says theyre installed.

  6. poke go++ menu crashed(M mark at top left), it can’t be waked up when I moved it to somewhere else, how can I make it work when I touch it? I can’t see the IV and radar… someone got the same problem?

  7. sorry guys, got the problem, simply restart it and don’t make any move, drag the M mard to top left, and it work, sorry for the bugging… 🙂

  8. sorry guys, got the problem, simply reboot the iphone and do not make any move, drag the M icon to top left, and it works. sorry for asking…

  9. Im using updated pokemon go. PokeGo++ n Poke patch. Its all working. Just not aswell as it did. Disappears atleast once every 30mins. Sometimes could be 5 mins. So have to reload pokemon go. Seems if i use it loads like constantly battling and catching. Happens more. Unlike wen i have in patrol mode hatchin eggs. But all this has got worse in last month. The map works for a little bit if that. Maybe Quick enough for you to select a place and hit go there if your lucky. I just went on n turned app off straight away. That happens. Pokemon do not show up anymore on map. Occassional ones that you have probably seen. Also from last pokemon go update. The side bar icons for poke++. You can see them but 4 of the icons images r missing.
    So if wana catch pokemon n dont mind 30 seconds to reboot now n then. Its workin. Im not fussed at the moment as only need 2 more pokemon from the 7 new ones that have been added from hatchin eggs. Then got them all until new pokemon finally arrive. So isnt too bad for me jus hatchin eggs n catchin randoms for stardust.

  10. Pretty sure none of these works anymore (as of December 1, 2019)?? Or at least not for me. If anyone has an efficient way plz share, thank u.


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