How to Walk Anywhere in Pokemon Go using PokemonGoAnywhere Tweak

PokemonGoAnywhere is a jailbreak tweak released by developer WilliamLCobb that allows you to tap on the map in Pokemon Go to walk around without having to move in the real world.

For those Pokemon Go players who recently got injured or have severe back issues, this is definitely one of the best solutions.

We already showed you how to bypass the jailbreak detection in Pokemon Go. If you have successful go through that, installing another Cydia tweak wouldn’t be a problem.

Here’s how it works

Once you installed the PokemonGoAnywhere tweak (instructions can be found below), it will let you spoof your location in the game. Do note that it doesn’t take you from one place, such as a city to another. Instead, you can tap on the map to walk and explore the area around you.

If you want to sit around at home yet still be able to walk and run in Pokemon Go, this jailbreak tweak will allow you to do just that.

This is a safer way to faking your location since you’re not moving “too fast too furious”. Unlike the location spoofing method, PokemonGoAnywhere does not transport you from a country say the U.S to Australia. As a result, your Pokemon Go account will less likely to get banned.

Original note from the developer:

…Since you’re walking around the map, rather than teleporting, it is most likely be harder to detect.

I overwrote the location manager implementation to get it to work. They really have no way of determining if the locations passed in are fake or not. They would need to monitor your location on the server side and decide if the movements are fake. I’d imagine it would be really difficult to create something accurate enough to detect this.

In addition, a new feature called auto walking will be added to this tweak soon.

How to Install PokemonGoAnywhere on your iPhone

  1. On your iOS device, open the Cydia app
  2. Select Sources
  3. Add the following repo:
  4. Install PokemonGoAnywhere from the source

After restarting your iPhone, the tweak will be enabled right inside your Pokemon Go app. Open the game and start moving without walking in real life.

Doesn’t Work? Here’s the Alternative

If PokemonGoAnywhere stopped working on your iPhone, there is another method that you can use. This method works for both jailbroken and non-jailbroken iOS devices.

Even if you don’t have Cydia, it still works.

PokeGo++ is the official Pokemon Go tweak that is now available as an .IPA file. This means you can download the app and sideload it onto your device using Cydia Impactor.

We have an entire tutorial on that here. You should check it out.

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      • waste of money. not worth while in my opinion. First off, Android have more phones, second off, when a new phone comes out it isnt worth 500-1000 gbp. I have much better things to spend money on thanks 😛

  1. Holy fuuuu this is amazing. Whoever the developers are I thank and love u geniuses so god dam much, u guys/gals are so amazing at what u do! All we need is an Android version now woo come on baby! Gotta catch em all!

  2. “Verification Error: A server with the specified hostname could not be found.” anytime I try to add “” to my sources in Cydia. What do I do?

  3. Hi and thanks for posting! I have a questions waiting to be answered. We all knew that we had a Pokemon indicator on the bottom right corner in the app. If I use the Pokemon GoAnywhere, will the footsteps become more closer when I walk around? I’m kind of confused because everytime I checks the indicator the footsteps remains 3 all the time

  4. great job on this tweak, running into an issue though, i started playing with it, (on the new 9.3.3 jailbreak) it worked for a bit, then i logged off. now everytime i load back into pogo i get the “gps signal not found” error and cant get back into the game. any suggestions?

    • your location services are not running and won’t run. you need to restart your device and rejailbreak (as it is a semi-tethered JB)

  5. Hi all. When I try to add the repo I get an error ‘Timeout’ is this because of how many people are trying to add it or is there genuially an issue here

    Please let me know asap

    • Same here. Not sure what the issue is but pretty bummed that I can’t use Pokemon go until it works. We’lol just have to wait and see.

  6. Hi, I would like to thank you very much for this absolutely amazing tweak, appreciate the hard work @ TEEAYEAND! Although not run to perfection with a few minor issues, but overall epic! Thanks again!

  7. Any idea after using the jailbroken version why I cannot get out of the Atlantic Ocean? It was working great and now it seems I am permanently stuck there

  8. A any idea why I am stuck in the middle of the ocean after using the pokey go anywhere on jailbroken iPad? What is the fix for that?

  9. downloaded the tweak and now my cydia crashes every time I attempt to open it. Pokemon go also crashes when I open it.

  10. i loved it somuchmorethanhappywithitandtheotherdayandnightofmyfavoritepartofthegympokemongoupdateerthefirsttimesincethelastfewyearsandhave.

  11. I’m just wondering if this still works before I install anything. Being that I am disabled and can’t get out much, it looks inviting.


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