How to Enable Night Mode in Snapchat For A Dark Theme

I can’t be the only one who is dreaming of a day when night mode in Snapchat is available, right? I started using Twitter more often at night than any other social media apps.

Why? Because it has a built-in Night Mode feature.

This functionality was added to the official Twitter app for iPhone and iPad devices. When activated, the standard bright Twitter’s interface turns into a dark theme.

And most recently, Instagram has joined the dark party and made is so you can enable dark mode on Instagram from your iOS settings.


This is so useful, especially at night, because it reduces the strain on my eyes. I really wish Instagram and other popular social media can also implement this feature into their app, especially you, Snapchat.

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Ok, before I move on, I want to bring something up really quick. Getting dark mode to happen in Snapchat means your iPhone has to be jailbroken, or your Android phone has to be rooted. Yeah, so what’s the problem?

Snapchat has been known to ban accounts for anyone that has a Jailbroken phone – even when the tweaks used have nothing to do with Snapchat.

So, this tweak to go dark on Snapchat is a proceed at your own risk…Cool? Ok, Proceed!

I came across a Reddit post from developer andermorandev, where he introduces his upcoming tweak called Nightmare. This package will give you a customized night mode experience to your Snapchat app.

If you tend to use this app late at night or in a dark environment, it’s definitely a must-have tweak.


Many social media apps lately have actually started to feature Dark or Night mode on their mobile apps and websites as a way to get their users to use these apps during the night.

When in night or dark chat mode, Snapchat converts its entire UI into a darker color scheme that helps reduce eye strain for the user and is just easier to use.

Some of the more recent Android OS versions have also begun to inbuild Dark Mode so that it can be enabled on the Snapchat App.


  1. Install iFile from Cydia
  2. Since this package isn’t available publicly yet, click here to download it
  3. Look for the “Open in…” and choose iFile
  4. Now tap on Installer, and the package will be extracted

After that, it should be installed on your iOS device. It won’t take immediate effect. You will need to restart your Springboard. Once you do, you can start enjoying the dark theme on Snapchat.

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According to the author, Nightmare tweak doesn’t have any conflict with other Snapchat tweaks like Phantom. Furthermore, it won’t trigger the built-in detection that Snapchat recently added to detect a jailbroken device.


If you would rather avoid jailbreaking your device because doing so can void the warranty and possibly result in a Snapchat ban, you can instead invert the colors on the iPhone. It doesn’t look the best, but it does result in a darker screen.

To turn on the inverted colors option on your iPhone:

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on General
  • Tap accessibility
  • Display accommodations
  • And invert colors

You can then toggle between Smart Invert and Classic Invert. The screen will also be darker than it was before, but again, it might not look the best. However, it is a good alternative if you want a darker screen without having first to jailbreak your device.

Under the Display Accommodations screen, you will also find the option to “reduce white point,” which can also help with eye strain when using the app.

When you choose to invert the colors, it will not affect your photos, and it won’t alter the functionality of the app itself.

iOS 13 introduced a Dark Mode option in its settings, but this also won’t change the color format of specific apps like Snapchat. It also won’t work with a web browser.


Are you looking for a way to quickly get into night mode when taking a Snapchat picture? When the white moon is showing on your device, Snapchat will take better pictures in the dark. This means you can take a great selfie at the club or while you are hanging out poolside under the sunset.

But what if you want this even when it’s not completely dark? Or maybe Snapchat just isn’t picking up on the fact that it is dark, and you need some help getting that perfect picture. Well, we have a hack for that too!

Just put your hand over the camera for a few seconds. You will see the white moon appear, which means Snapchat is ready to take a picture in the dark…But make sure that you snap your pic quickly because once Snapchat realizes it isn’t actually dark where you are, night mode will be turned back off.


This feature isn’t just an addition especially made for iPhone users either. If you are an Android user, you can also use the dark theme on Snapchat. The substratum app is actually available for Android and allows you to use dark mode with any app. It is easy to install and works with any Android device.

  1. First, enable unknown sources by going into settings and then security and lock screen and security
  2. You can then download the Samsung Integration app is your device is a Samsung Galaxy S8 or above
  3. Go to the Play Store to download Substratum and then install the app
  4. You can then launch Substratum and select the theme you want
  5. Pick the device and app you want to use with dark mode and then install

There you have it. An easy way to get the dark theme for Snapchat for both iOS and Android, and a quick hack for forcing night mode when you need to take a great selfie even when it’s not all the way dark.

What are your favorite Snapchat hacks? Let us know in the comments.

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