FilzaEscaped: File Manager App Like iFile for iOS 11 (No Jailbreak)

Filza (Jailed or Escaped) are file manager apps that provide full root access to your iOS 11 filesystem. Developer Jake James recently released an app called FilzaJailed for iOS 11 that provides non-jailbroken users access to root with limited permissions.

Now another version of Filza just came out dubbed FilzaEscaped which gives users the ability to view and edit system files on their iPhone. All without having to jailbreak the device.

The FilzaEscaped app uses an exploit called async_wake (based on iOS 11 kernel exploit by Ian Beer), and it will only work up to iOS 11.1.2. I tried to install the file explorer app on my iPhone 8 running iOS 11.2, and it crashes right upon opening.

How to Install FilzaEscaped on iOS 11

  1. Download FilzaEscaped.ipa file from this link.
  2. Click here to obtain a copy of Cydia Impactor.
  3. Connect your iPhone or iPad to a computer.
  4. Locate the .ipa file from Step 1. Drag and drop it into Impactor.
  5. Enter your Apple ID and password

When done, you will need to trust the application. Open Settings app > General > Profile & Device Management. Look for the FilzaEscaped certificate and tap Trust.

Return to your home screen and open the FilzaEscaped app. As the name suggested, this file manager is based on a tweak called Filza on Cydia. Thus, the interface will also look closely the same.

Unlike the IPA version of iFile, which provide small features to the filesystem. FilzaEscaped gives users the read/write permission. As a result, you can edit any system files on your iOS 11 device.

Some people have already changed their carrier name or remove app labels. Give it a try and let us know what you did with it.

If you have any problems using Cydia Impactor, please check out this post for troubleshooting tips.

For those without a computer, you can install FilzaEscaped directly on your iPhone using one of the app installers from here. It’s not the best way since you’re doing it via a third-party App Store. But so far we haven’t seen anything negative comments yet.

How to Install Cydia on iOS 11.1.2

So it looks like there is more to FilzaJailed than we expected. Since the app lets us edit our filesystem, some users were able to install Cydia onto their device.

Don’t get too excited, though, because installing Cydia on iOS 11.x through this method will not do anything without proper updates and substrate. Proceed at your own risk.

To download and install on iOS 11:

  1. Install FilzaJailed by following the instructions above.
  2. Open the app, go to (/) directory and create a file called `”.cydia_no_stash”`
  3. Install async_wake_ios with cydia.ipa by clicking here.
  4. Launch the app. Your device will be rebooted.
  5. Open the app again.
  6. Cydia will be installed on your iPhone.

Once again, this is not a functional jailbreak.

Credit: Abraham Masri

It looks like @LaughingQuoll and @cheesecakeufo (the creator of Houdini and Saigon jailbreak) are looking into this. Stay tuned for more info.

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  1. Whenever I open it, the screen goes white and the app crashes. Please help! I trusted it and went to open it and it did this every time I tried

  2. 11.1.1 – Electra Jailbreak. Device successfully jailbroken.

    Followed dozens upon dozens of tutorials/theories/blogs/posts you name it and still unable to get Cydia installed.

    FilzaEscape installed…however (even after reboots) it just launches a black white screen for about 20-30 seconds, or immediately closes.

  3. I hope that it corresponds to 11.1.2 or later.

    (I am Japanese, I entered these sentences using Google Translate.)


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