Download Snapchat++ IPA and Install on your iPhone or iPad

Download Snapchat++ IPA and Install on your iPhone or iPad

There is no way around it: everyone hates the new Snapchat update. It’s bloated, ugly, and harder to use. Several influencers including Kylie Jenner and MKBHD has spoken out about this.

Whether you have updated to the latest version of Snapchat or not, the app isn’t as usable as it should. Fortunately, there is a tweaked version of Snapchat that adds new features to the app. In addition, it will also help you get rid of annoying features such as the Discovery section.

It’s called Snapchat++ (formerly known as Snap + released by UnlimApps for jailbroken devices).

In this guide, I’ll show you how to download Snapchat++ IPA on your iPhone and iPad. This tutorial includes two parts (you’re only required to follow one).

Oh and guess what? No jailbreak is required.

How to Install Snapchat++ using Cydia Impactor

Step 1: In order to install the Snapchat++ app, you will need to download its .IPA file and use a sideloading tool called Cydia Impactor to get it on your iOS device.

Luckily, both of them can be found below.

Step 2: Once you download both files, connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer.

Step 3: Fire up Cydia Impactor and wait until it recognizes your device. Should looks like this.

Step 4: Locate the Snapchat++.ipa file you downloaded earlier. Drag and drop it into Cydia Impactor.

Step 5: You’ll be presented with the Apple ID popup. You can use your iTunes account to login and install the app.

Step 6: Snapchat++ app will be installed on your iOS device. To make sure that it is, you should check your home screen. Once you see the app, that’s good news.

Step 7: The last step is to verify it. You can do this by:

  1. Go to the Settings app
  2. Tap on General > Profile & Device Management
  3. Look for your iTunes account
  4. Tap Trust

Step 8: Now you can open the Snapchat++ app.

There is no difference between this modified version and the original Snapchat application. You can still login using the same username and password.

As far as new features, we will go over that in a bit (skip the next instructions part and you should find it).

How to Download Snapchat++ Without a Computer

For people with no computer, there is a way for you to download and install Snapchat++ on your iPhone. You can use any of the app installers from this roundup.

For this occasion, I’ll be using the TweakBox app.

Step 1: On your iOS device, open the Safari browser

Step 2: Go to the following website:

Step 3: Tap on the “Download App” button. Select Allow on the popup that says, “…show you a configuration profile…”

Step 4: You will be asked to Install TweakBox’s profile. Do so and it will install the app on your home screen.

Step 5: Open the Tweakbox app and go to Apps > Tweaked Apps. Here, you will be able to find Snapchat++.

Step 6: Tap the Install button and Tweakbox will download the Snapchat++ IPA onto your iPhone.

Now that you have installed the tweaked version of Snapchat, let’s see what it can do for you.

An Overview of Snapchat++

Get any geofilters with location spoofing.
You can customize the app to your liking.

The primary functionalities of Snapchat++

  • Upload photos and videos from your Camera Roll
  • Disable screenshot notifications when you screenshot someone’s photo on Snapchat
  • Automatically save Snapchat messages
  • Disable view receipt for direct messaging
  • Add your own Snapchat filters
  • Advanced built-in image editor

In my experience, Snapchat++ is a handy app to have when you hate almost everything about Snapchat in term of features. Hopefully, you will be able to enjoy snapping more with this modified Snapchat app.

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