How To Delete the Activity Badges on Your Apple Watch

I had a Apple Watch in 2019, but not for a long time. I collected many activity badges. Yesterday I got a new Apple Watch. Is it possible to delete the Apple Watch challenge activity badges? I kind of want to start fresh.

How to Delete your Apple Watch Activity challenge badges

Go into your Health app and then in the activity section scroll down to data sources then on the page that opens delete all data sources that “aren’t” the new watch (assuming you’ve already paired it otherwise delete them all). That will delete all of the activity data but not sure if it will remove the awards themselves.

I’m thinking it won’t and that the answer may not be worth the trouble. Essentially you’d probably have to reset your iPhone and Apple Watch. You could try uninstalling the Activity app, back up the iPhone without encryption which will avoid transferring health/activity data, resetting both then restoring the phone from that unencrypted backup before pairing the new watch to it.

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